The Sustainable Duo


So, the rumors are true. Planet Protein Founder Brendan Fitzgerald is also part of The Sustainable Duo. We were fortunate enough to hear them speak in Los Angeles, and sent over some follow-up questions to the Duo and are here today to share what Carly and Brendan had to say!


  1. Reflect on what your purpose is and how it reflects on the planet. We have so many aspirations and with them we need to be responsible for asking ourselves if the outcomes of reaching these goals benefits the planet and future generations. Better yet, is this an ethical goal? We choose the goal of zero-waste living because it is regenerative for the future.

  2. Be intuitive with your body. Be ethical and intuitive with what you are consuming. You have the choice to put an animal in your body or not, you have the choice to vote with your dollars, you have the choice. Always.

You both could have sourced out a sustainable place to live, probably outside the US and have left. But you didn’t. You’ve dedicated your life to educating. Why choose this life?

We have definitely thought of this, and the cost of living, but we have low overhead anyway since we love to trade and barter. Living in the states is easy because we can eco-travel, and spread the word on zero-waste living and Brendan is building Planet Protein which is aligned with our mission. Planet Protein is being constructed to really benefit future generations and setting a great example for the consumer packaged goods space when it comes to sustainability.

What has this live gifted you in return?

Relationships. We have met so many people in the United States and have been able to create a life that we don’t need to escape from. We are here to shift culture and make sustainable living and zero-waste COOL. The gift has been this back to basics style of living.

With this life, you travel a lot. What are some tips for sustainable traveling?

Donating money to programs that are championing zero-waste and sustainability helps the most. And, travel with an ec0-bag.

Do you have a good reference for people looking to get into composting?

YES! Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive book when it comes to reversing global warming. Also, our friends at Permaculture Planet kick ass!

You carry around an eco go bag. What’s in it and for those making one today, what should be in there's?

Bowls, utensils, cutlery, mason jars, hanker-chiefs, cups, bags, and to go containers. Simple!

At a recent event, you spoke about using Avocado and Mango peels for skincare, even orange peels. Can you expand a little on the efficacy of these and why you choose to use them?

Rather than buying serums that are infused with fruits and seeds, I go straight to the source and avoid any of the chemicals added in. When you eat an avocado, an apple, or a mango there will still be some fruit left on the skin, and rather than throw this away you can rub it on your skin.

I’ve used oats, papaya seeds too. Not only is it great for your skin but it reduces food waste. I now look at food and think What Can I Do With This After I Eat It?

Another motivation for me is when I ask myself Why Do I Need This or Who Wants Me To Buy This? Those are both very telling.

We also cover DIY make-up in our e-book.

The ole deserted island questions. You’re going to start a sustainable society on an island that grows fruits and veggies. We’ll give you five items, what are you bringing with you?

  1. Cacao

  2. Jackfruit

  3. Moringa

  4. Radishes

  5. Watermelon

What’s your big dream?

Have our own permaculture farm.

The Sustainable Duo is eco-traveling across the country so chances are they will be speaking at an event near you.

Or you can also follow along with their mission online and through their channel.

Richie Crowley