Love The Sun With bu


Sunscreen is one of those products that has relied on labels to misdirect consumption for a LONG time now. Many of us simply aren’t that educated as consumers on what our skin needs. When we found bu suncreen, it was comforting. Jeff and Josie were so transparent with the market and educated us on what reef friendly really looks like and how apparel can and can’t be UV protective. This Q & A is just the start of our friendship with bu and you can expect to see them on The Wellness Ride.

How dangerous is the sun, and what don't we know about protecting ourselves from it?

The sun emits UV radiation that can burn the skin, turn it red and blister. With too much exposure, we can develop skin cancer. The most deadly form is Melanoma. To protect yourself from the sun, you should avoid being out from 10am to 4pm, use a Broad Spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), possible UV apparel and be aware if you’ve been in the sun for too long.

Speak to parents for a moment, heading into summer what's the best way to make sure your child is protected?

Children younger than 6 months old, have not fully developed their immunities and should be kept out of the sun. Toddlers can be difficult to apply sunscreen to. Spray sunscreens are popular, but almost all of the use between 59% and 79% alcohol and come in a continuous pressurized sprayer. The pressure and alcohol make the product feel cold and sticky going on. BU sunscreen sprays are Oil & Alcohol Free and feel like a puff of air going on. Sunburns before the kids are 18 increases your likely-hood of skin cancer by 80%    

Is your bottle is really as simple as spray and sit? We don't need to rub it in?

Once you get the technique, like spray painting, you mist on an even layer of sunscreen and just let it dry. You can spread or rub it in, it doesn’t decrease the effectiveness but if you are playing golf or tennis and don’t want anything on your hands, BU has what you need.

We've started seeing a lot of "reef friendly" labels amongst others. What's the truth behind the label game?

With everything I’ve been reading, NOTHING, is good for the reef. Humans aren’t good for the reef and since humans need sun protection, and ALL the options we use are hard on this very delicate ecosystem, I don’t suggest wearing any sunscreen when reef swimming. UV apparel will help protect you and for now, Zinc Oxide is allowed to be used when going into the reefs. 

What's the best way to enjoy being protected by bu?

The beauty of BU sun protection is the ease of application, which makes bu your partner in ALL outdoor activities. For me, I love hiking around Malibu trails (Puerco and Solstice Canyon) as well as the steps at Pepperdine with my dog, Jasko and the family. We have also been enjoying the beach daily, and always keep a bottle of BU with me.

How do you define Wellness?

Wellness is an overall feeling. Do you watch what you eat, not to deny yourself but to fuel your body properly. Do you feels happy in your own skin? Are you taking care of your biggest organ, the skin? To be well, means you care about your inside and outside.

Use code WBW15 for 15% at the bu online store and follow along with their summer spent Lovin’ The Sun on Instagram!

Richie Crowley