What's COOLA Than Being Cool? Protecting Your Skin.


We grew up with the sun. Well, at least 7 months of the year. From the beaches of the North Shore and Cape Cod, we have had our fair share of sunburns. Since moving to Los Angeles, Richie has been spending more time outdoors and has become an advocate for taking care of one’s skin.

We reached out to COOLA after a friend brought a bottle to our weekly Wild Workout and now are excited to introduce COOLA as an official brand partner. Does it work? VERY WELL. Is it still cold when it first goes on your back? A lil. Is it clean and reef friendly? Keep reading!

What don’t we know about the sun and daily life that is harming us?

The sunlight that reaches us is made up of two types of harmful rays: long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB). UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin’s thickest layer.

Unprotected exposure can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkling (photoaging), and suppression of the immune system. UVB rays will usually burn the superficial layers of your skin. It plays a key role in the development of skin cancer. The intensity of UVB rays vary by season, location and time of day, with 10AM to 2PM being the peak hours. Sunburned skin doesn’t just feel awful, it can cause permanent damage over time.

Let’s talk about clean ingredients. You are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-Gmo and more. What labels did we miss and why is it so important to have these standards?

At COOLA, we’re passionate about creating beautiful product experiences that embody a happy, healthy lifestyle. We believe that what goes on your body is equally as important as what you put in it. Therefore, we choose to formulate with as many certified organic and non-GMO ingredients which greatly reduce the usage of pesticides that contaminate our bodies, waterways, and environment. Additionally, all of our products are free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances- making us a great option for those with sensitive skin!

Your site talks about being Farm to Face. Can you build this out for those of us at home?

We believe in formulating our products with certified organic and non-GMO ingredients that follow sustainable farming practices, support local communities, and reduce the usage of pesticides that contaminate our bodies, waterways, and environment.

Reef Friendly. This is the first time we have heard of a company focusing on this. What is your relationship to the water and being reef friendly?

COOLA is proud to offer a wide range of organic, feel-good sunscreens that satisfy reef-friendly requirements recently recognized by Hawaii’s government. These requirements ban the sale of sunscreens containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, two chemical sunscreen actives that research suggests have damaging effects on our beloved oceans and coral reefs. We’ve taken strong initiatives to evolve with these recent changes and are committed to being entirely reef-friendly. This commitment combined with our efforts to source raw ingredients from organic farms significantly reduces our impact on rivers and streams, and the oceans they run into- and we think that’s best for the environment!

Oh the awards! 23 in the last 5 years - what do these mean to you as a business?

Wow, let's just say we are flattered! We put so much time and effort into designing and developing our products, as it truly is our passion. It feels amazing to be recognized by these reputable publications and organizations for our dedication to creating the healthiest suncare possible. It's also so wonderful to see clean beauty brands awarded for their accomplishments. It's a direction we hope the beauty industry will continue to move in!

What have you truly made a wellness priority?

Taking care of our skin from the outside in and inside out! Eating well, exercising and using the right skincare products daily is our holistic approach to beaming, lit-from-within skin. Much like the foods we like to eat, we choose the freshest, most natural and organic ingredients to include in our formulas to nourish the skin. Our goal is to bring you better products so you can enjoy every simple, happy moment and feel confident that our products are protecting and improving your skin in the healthiest way possible.

COOLA claims to embody the best parts of living in California. When looking globally, what is the best way to live the COOLA life?

At COOLA we strive to live a life where we embody a fusion of organic wellness, an outdoor, active lifestyle, and supporting local and diverse communities—passions we want to share with you through our products. 

We all try to eat better, live smarter, love more, and be more present and engaged in our experiences. We want you to enjoy every simple, happy moment and feel confident that our products are protecting and improving your skin in the healthiest way possible.

What is the most fun activity to do with COOLA Suncare?

We sponsor a local San Diego music festival every year called KAABOO. It's not like any other music festival, this is the Rolls Royce of music festivals! It has everything from luxurious spa services, relaxed comedy shows to gourmet cuisine. We set up a booth with all of our favorite suncare must-haves and it's so fun to share our passion and products with all the festival goers who are just as obsessed with beauty, wellness and skincare as we are! Plus, we get to stay and watch the show after which is always a blast!

Check out COOLA and all of our other brand partners here!

Richie Crowley