Casey Edwards: The Work Is To Be Aware


If you are anything like me, you had never really heard the word “manifesting” (let alone knew what it meant!) until the past year or so. Now, however, it seems like this word/action is EVERYWHERE (TV Shows, Instagram, movies) and I could not be more thrilled that this magical premise is making its way to the minds of people like me, who once felt victimized by the world and anxiety.

When I first heard of manifesting I was so intrigued. “I can just think about something and then it will come true? No way. Everyone would be manifesting things all the time, then!” Well, it turns out that that everyone is in fact manifesting all the time. This isn’t just an idea, this isn’t just magic, this is how the world works.

So, if manifesting isn’t what I had thought- thinking about something I desire and it appearing in front of me- then what exactly is it? What exactly does it mean to manifest? Differing slightly from the popular opinion that manifesting means creating, manifesting actually means matching, which is why we are all manifesting all of the time. My reality, your reality- it is all just one big manifestation of how we think and more importantly how we FEEL. What do I mean by this? Well let’s break it down a little bit.

The verb “manifest”, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, can be defined as: To display or show (a quality or feeling) by one's acts or appearance; to demonstrate.

So, just as when a physical illness manifests, anything in our “reality” manifesting is ALSO a reflection of the quality of our thoughts and feelings. Simply put: Your inner world creates your outer world. But how can this be? If we are matter and live in a physical world, we must take forceful action to make change! If we are matter in a physical world, things manifest because the world is a machine. I don’t have that much of a say. I have to work harder to produce more results. I have to have drink more coffee, output more essays, schedule more meetings…work, work, work for change and money and just hope I don’t get ill or rundown! Alas, this Newtonian model of doing things that our American society has taken upon themselves in not doing us any good. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How else would I make change then? If I am not working harder and more often, how am I going to move up the ladder, make more money, get more vacation time? The answer: Think good thoughts, get really happy, then see what action feels inspired from there. Yep… that is my advice for you. Think good thoughts and feel reeeeeallllll good. Why? Because my friend, you are ENERGY. You, at the most fundamental, subatomic level, are energy. You are energy. I am energy. Your thoughts are energy. Your feelings are energy. YOU have a frequency, you are a magnet, you are a point of attraction.

You are made up of energy. When you think, your thoughts have energy. Those thoughts create a visceral feeling, which have even more energy, and in turn create your vibration, or point of attraction.Your vibration is like a magnet-whether for good or bad- and like attracts like. So if you are thinking good thoughts and feeling good and feeling grateful, you will attract more to feel good about and be grateful for. Similarly, and most unfortunately, if you are throwing a pity party and focusing on the lack in your life and the world, that is all you will see and all you will get. You have a Soul- an Inner Being, if you will- that is radiating inside of you at the purest, most positive energetic frequency imaginable. Funny enough, this Inner Being knows exactly what you want, when you will want it, and the most fun and easy way to get it to you. Your job is to simply be at the same frequency of THAT energy. Your job is to be a match to everything you desire that your Inner Being is TRYING to flow to you. Your job is recognize that your feelings are a barometer for how in or out of tune with your Soul and The Universe you are. When you notice your emotions are out of alignment, you must act accordingly by getting joyful again. Are you seeing the pattern?… The better you feel, the less resistance you have, the more magic that will unfold. Bam.

And while I could dive into some of the science behind this for those of you who, like me, have a strrrroonnnnggly opinionated left brain (message me if you want to talk science), I will, instead, leave the research and diving into quantum physics up to you. I will, instead, leave you with a quote by the man who set the bar for genius, and who experienced first-hand being a point to attraction for what he wanted- Albert Einsten. Albert Einstein said:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

So who do you want to be? Imagine that version of you, and match the energy. What do you want? Match the frequency of it. We are meant to be beings of joy and inspiration and imagination. Our minds are meant to be our tools- our tools to CONSCIOUSLY create our world and our reality, not be at the effect of it. YOU are meant to AFFECT the world, not vice versa. Clear you mind through meditation then visualize what you want. Start to confront deep-rooted self-limiting beliefs and stories. Allow yourself to feel better. Be hyperaware of every single thought that crosses your mind. THAT is the work. The work is to be aware. Our work is to be conscious and aware and be one with fear. Feel the fear but choose the joy and the breakthrough. Recognize thoughts that no longer serve you and stop choosing them. Prioritize, above ALL else, how you feel. Prioritize living your Truth and living through your Soul not your ego. This is not selfish, it is selfless. This is not selfish, it is necessary for the greater good for all. This is not selfish, it is meant to be.

You. YOU are the most powerful of creators. You are a divine extension of the energy that creates worlds. You have a divine purpose and an inner guidance system that is willing and ready to give you everything you have asked for. Your only job, the only work you must do, is to feel good.

Can you do it? I know you can.

With all of the love and gratitude and intention,


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