Karen Farrell Is Bitter Love


To kick off our partnership with Bitter Love, you know the non-alcoholic bitters with no sugar added that bites a little, yet leaves you wanting more. Yeah that Bitter Love. Well, we sipped on some Peppered Grapefruit with one of the three Co-Founders, Karen Farrell, to learn more about the 12oz drink electrifying the East Coast.

Why Was It Important To Make A Non-Alcoholic Bitters?

Well, we came together and wanted to create an everyday drinking bitter. What we ended up creating was this and more. We made the anti-soda. A bitter has the ability to change the standard American diet. Soda is high in calories and sugar, with no benefits, our bitters are the reverse: Low calorie, no added sugar, and great flavor. We really embraced the realization that Bitter Love can morph the American pallet.

Bitter is a functional taste. At first, some may have an adverse reaction but the more you consume bitter foods, the more your body tends to like it, morphing your preferred profile into one that favors savory and bitter, over sweet. The example is that if you quit eating sugar, and opt for a savory and bitter plate, when you return to that brownie in a month, you won’t enjoy it as much. That is the power of bitters, of sours. With the US pallet being so sugar based we wanted to create the everyday drink that can change that. Insert Bitter Love.

Now, what was your relationship with sugar growing up?

We need 3 things: Clean Water, Clean Air, Good Food. *Good Clean Food.

I grew up around unhealthy kids. With illnesses in my family, I was constantly in and out of hospitals getting this up close and personal education on health. Early on I realized something was wrong with our picture of health.

With this childhood experience, I started shopping for myself in my teens, quit sugar altogether in my 20’s and have continued on since. Sure, I’ll have a sweet every once in a while and that speaks to how addictive sugar truly is. So if we are consuming that daily, it’s taking a real impact on our health.

As a leader in a company bootstrapping an impressive expansion right now, how are you managing this? I mean, we’re here talking at 9:15 pm on a Monday!

We have 3 Co-Founders, all women, and a secret weapon, Alex. We all have full-time jobs and built this with shared values. Truthfully, Alex is our savior, and so much falls on her shoulders.

We’ve been business owners before, entrenched in many channels including food and beverage, and wellness. We’re also very committed businesswomen. As a founder of Bitter Love, it’s our mission, our values, what we believe this drink can do for the health of our population that both grounds and motivates us.

Was it important to be an all-Female founding team?

It just happened like that. We had worked together before and flirted with the idea, then one day Taja and I had dinner, and brainstormed this out, and Leah and I worked together at my previous company. But now, yes, it’s great to be an all Female founding team, we’re strong leaders, we’ve truly done it all.

What have you made a wellness priority in your life?

Sleep! And eating fresh foods. It’s a simple recipe for my wellness. Beyond that, I try to maintain a balance, with everything going on. One thing that excites me is over the years how accessible good, clean, healthy food has gotten.

Last Question, how does one best enjoy a Bitter Love?

Cold. Straight out of the bottle.

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