Pat McAuley


Pat is a former college football player and personal trainer turned serial entrepreneur. In 2012, Pat founded a dating app company called Hint which he sold in 2016. He then co-founded a craft brewery. In between brewing beer, hauling grain, filling kegs, and enjoying a pint or two, Pat began to experiment with green smoothies. It was a decision that changed the course of his life.

Months later, through food, Pat had rid himself of lifelong battles with asthma, allergies, arthritis, skin issues, and more. He left the brewery and set out on a quest to learn more about the power of nutrition. He spent a year in a black hole, learning how to read nutritional studies, and diving into the work of world renowned nutrition experts.

Pat has since wrote a book, started the Eat Green Make Green health platform and podcast, and opened the country’s first 100% plant-based cafe and beer hall, Rewild. When he’s not working on his businesses or giving talks, Pat is helping executives, startup founders, and people in the Boston community take their health into their own hands… his true passion.

Oh, and Pat is also a wild animal!

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RichIE Crowley


Richie is a wild animal. Let’s just start with that. An Ivy league educated, former professional athlete who lives a life of positive rebellion. When his peers graduated swapping caps and gowns for shirts and ties, Richie moved to Europe. He spent 3 years living in France and Italy playing professional Ice Hockey. During his final season, as a member of the Italian National Team, he became by plants, meditation and bodyweight exercises (Yes, professional athletes can succeed like this). This wasn’t his first experience competing at an international level. Richie was the captain of the United States National Ice Hockey Under-18 Team for two seasons before attending Brown University where he graduated with degree’s in Economics and Political Science.

In 2016, at the end of his athletic career, Richie began life as a serial social entrepreneur. He has since founded 3 companies, toured as a corporate speaker, published works of poetry and writing, and appeared on 10+ podcasts. He continues to receive praise as a brand strategist, creative director, and idea generator, all the while emerging as a wellness activist working with business executives and Grammy-nominated recording artists. Richie advocates for an updated definition of wellness. One that includes: movement, stress, routine, habits, sleep, happiness, financial stability, relationships and food. He writes and speaks with the spirit of alliance, and believes we can all update our defaults and unlock our greater self.

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