We became discouraged at the amount of sponsored ads, and misdirection within the wellness space. In order to avoid any of what turned us off, we decided to remove the money and focus on what helps us live a health supporting lifestyle.

So for these brands, we truly believe in them and are proud to say these are authentic and organic partnerships. This is a trusted page of brands that power us. 

These are the products we choose to help us achieve and maintain our best wellness.
We’ve chosen them, because we love them and they help us stay

Wild But Well

*We provide the opportunity for brands to offer promotional bundles or discount codes for the Wild But Well family



We both choose to wear Darwin for the fit. Close and slender, their updated definition of “survival of the fittest” has us looking how we want


Pat swears by Dave’s detox and cleanse as a way to reset the system, and Richie considers Dave’s words the gospel. A beautiful backstory as well!

Hear Dave on the EGMG Podcast!


Such a kick-ass vegan beer hall in the the Boston Area. It’s comforting when you can walk into a restaurant and know every item on the menu has not harmed any animals


“WILDBUTWELL” for 15% off $25+

Forming habits, rituals, and routines can be difficult. Especially when it comes to food choices. Healthy truth has snack packs that assist you in sticking to your plan. Such a comfort to have them in our lives. We especially love the sizes offered, because you can try 10-12 different products for under $30. It’s special.

Meet Bruce on Wild But Well



All the years of athletics and now endurance training, we both got a little tired of the sugar in Gatorade. NOOMA is such a sip of fresh air. No sugar, just electrolytes. Try all 4 NOOMA Flavors with their variety pack for only $5

Meet Founder Jarred Smith on WBW



We wish convenient stores and gas stations would embrace wellness. Or at the very least stop pretending the health bars they offer are “good for us”’

In the absence of this, we rely on the bars from Planet Protein to be our every day carry on!

Meet Founder Brenden Fitzgerald on WBW




Richie here. I have sugar addiction, no way around that - we all may. I’ve been using Bitter Love to pair with food and it’s pretty real how this drink has helped me reduce sugar cravings. They definitely have made the “anti-soda”.

Meet Founder Karen Farrell on WBW



Richie doesn’t drink, he is our sobriety compass. Pat enjoys a craft brew. They both like to party. Insert WellBeing Brewing Co. the Non-Alcoholic Beer that invites everyone to the gathering. Previous NA’s beers sacrifice flavor and style, Wellbeing it the opposite. Cheers to raising a little hell!

Meet Jeff & Genevieve of WellBeing!



We spent 5 weeks reviewing the “best” meditation apps available and at the end of 5 weeks Insight Timer proved to be the most user friendly, encouraging and majority favorite. So if you’re looking to begin a practice, take Insight Timer for a spin!



WILD20” FOR 20%

Unlike meal kit’s where you have to assemble, cook and clean once it is delivered, Veestro is simple. We love how they say that meal kit’s are for date nights, and Veestro is for everyday. Monica shared some of her favorite dishes with us and we both agree the enchiladas are where it’s at

Meet Founder Monica on WBW and our podcast!

Kween Logo 2019.png


WILDBUTWELL10” for 10%

First we just used this as a flavorful topping for grain and acai bowls. Then we talked with Ali Bonar, Co-Founder, and realized Kween is so much more than a nut-free spread. Kween is a community, a support brand and damn tasty. Oh, and they now have chocolate flavor

Meet Founder Ali Bonar on WBW!



Living in the plant-based world exposes you to so many dairy alternatives. Milks, yogurts, cheeses, etc. And they’re all quite tasty so it was hard for us to select a partner based on taste alone. Yes, Nutty Life is delicious but we also want to trust the brands we work with. Caroline, founder of Nutty Life, is someone we trust deeply. As the magic maker behind what we’re putting into our bodies it is HUGE to have this relationship.



There are MANY reasons why we are such big fans of COOLA. From being reef friendly to vegan and cruelty free, we truly feel they are not only looking our for our bodies but encouraging us to get outdoors more, just stay protected.

As two guys who spends most of their days outside, walking, running, biking, or living. We’re thrilled to have the safety of COOLA.

Meet COOLA on WBW!



Our rituals are critical to our days. The way we enter the day is just as important as the way we exit. For us, winding down includes putting our phone on airplane mode, taking time for a meditation, nurturing relationships - all with a warm beverage. The process of letting hot become warm is patient and intentional, effects we feel even BEFORE drinking it. Golden Root Tumeric Latte’s are one of the beverages we choose to wind down with daily

Meet Founder Andrea on WBW!



When we met Shane for a podcast, there was a magic in our connection. From Shane and Richie’s shared love of Chai Tea and India, everything was in sync. Then we drank mud. And it became real. We’ve since both woken up each day and brewed ourselves some Mud\Wtr. As stark opponents of many “powders” this drink is our exception. It’s calming, warm, effective and has no side effects.

Meet Founder Shane Heath on WBW