We’ve become discouraged at the amount of sponsored ads and misdirection within the wellness space. As consumers we are victim to the marketing game, and have began distrusting our search returns. So, in order to avoid any of what turned us off, we decided to remove the money and focus on what helps us live a health supporting lifestyle.

For each brand on this page, we directly reached out to them as customers and invited them to join the Wild But Well community in an effort to provide transparent, honest exposure of the brands we have chosen to power us. Each of these brands is accessible and used by us, the Wild But Well guys, and we hope you find solace in how we have crafted our partnerships.

Once a relationship was formed with these brands we did extend the invitation to them to offer an act of gratitude to the Wild But Well audience, you.

We hope you enjoy!

Pat & Richie



Gratitude: WILD20” FOR 20%

Unlike meal kit’s where you have to assemble, cook and clean once it is delivered, Veestro is simple. We love how accessible, affordable and convenient Veestro is. Monica shared some of her favorite dishes with us and we both agree the enchiladas are where it’s at!

Watch : Veestro Preparing For The Wellness Ride

Meet: Founder Monica on WBW and our podcast!


Gratitude: “HTxWildRide20” for 20% off

Forming habits, rituals, and routines can be difficult, especially when it comes to food choices. Healthy truth has snack packs that assist you in sticking to your plan. Such a comfort to have them in our daily on-the-go lives. Heck, Richie is eating Healthy Truth daily on The Wellness Ride!

Watch: Healthy Truth and The Wellness Ride

Meet: Founder Bruce on Wild But Well


Gratitude: “WBW15” for 15% off

Going to tell you a secret here, we’ve never been sunburnt when wearing BU. How f*cking wild is that? Besides loving the values of bu, we love the application process. You simply spray, let sit, and enjoy life. AND, it’s never cold on your back! Bye Bye lobster, hello summer glow for real!

Watch: Bu Sunscreen protecting The Wellness Ride

Meet: Jeff & Josie of Bu on Wild But Well


Riding a bike is the definition of moving naturally. So, when we planned The Wellness Ride, we wanted to do it on a bike that is designed for every-day life. Specialized had the perfect option. The beauty of bikes are that they are affordable, low maintenance AND replace a car. For Wellness to be accessible, it must be affordable and that’s what Specialized is.

Watch: Why Specialized is the definition of Wellness Riding

Join: Specialized For The Final Pedal Of The Wellness Ride on October 12th in Santa Monica!


Dr. Bronner’s


When brands stand for something beyond their product sales, we notice. Dr. Bronner’s has 6 cosmic principles to guide them and prioritize the self is first. How courageous is that?! We must first take care of ourselves, before we can take care of others. That’s why we soap with the doc!

Watch : Dr. Bronner’s cleaning The Wellness Ride

Meet: The cosmic team that is showering with you (not like that!)




3 Ingredients, sometimes even 2. That’s how clean Larabar’s are. During a training ride, Richie was testing his nutrition and got lightheaded on mile 22. He jumped off the bike and sought nourishment. He found it in Larabar’s clean ingredient list and dates. Now he rides across America with them.

Watch : Larabar’s ride saving meaning to The Wellness Ride

Meet: The team and full roster of flavors for your fanny pack!




Strava is the first social network for Athletes. In case you didn’t know, you are an athlete. If you move, swim, run, ride, hike, or paddle you are an athlete and can share and receive Kudo’s in Strava. It’s also a great place to keep community, so invite your friends and let’s move together!

Watch : Richie and his love of the orange line

Track: The full Wellness Ride across America on Strava



Gratitude: $5 Starter Pack

All the years of athletics and now endurance training, we both got a little tired of the sugar in Gatorade. NOOMA is such a sip of fresh air. No sugar, just electrolytes. We were stoked to find them nationally in Whole Foods and even more hyped when they announced they’re in Walmart now!

Watch: Nooma Blueberry Peach hydrate The Wellness Ride (coming soon!)

Meet: Founder Jarred Smith on WBW



Gratitude: Try A Week Free!

Meditation, for us, may be more important than any of the other rituals we keep. Without getting competitive over time, or depth of your sit, Insight Timer has become such an anchoring resource for our Meditation Practice. We also tested the 5 leading apps to be sure!

Watch : The intimate relationship Richie has with meditation

Download: Insight Timer through the exclusive Wild But Well Link!



The Blue Zones started it all for Richie. After reading The Blue Zones Solution, Richie felt his beliefs and lifestyle was validated. The content and stories that Dan Buettner shares highlight how accessible true wellness is, and the purest definition of the word.

Read: A Blue Zones Book Report

Read: The Blue Zones Solution




For us, winding down includes putting our phone on airplane mode, taking time for a meditation, nurturing relationships - all with a warm beverage. The process of letting hot become warm is patient and intentional, effects we feel even BEFORE drinking it.

Join: Richie & Golden Root in Denver during the Wellness Ride

Meet: Andrea of Golden Root on WBW!



Throughout this wellness journey, we’ve been introduced to brands that are simply better for our bodies. We hadn’t previously given much thought to what goes on our skin, better yet what our skin is absorbing from these products. Every Man Jack educated us, then protected us.

Watch: Richie stay clean with the help of the EMJ team

Meet: Every Man Jack, the brand, the products



Gratitude: Free Eating Guide!

NutritionFacts.Org is the single most useful free resource available to anyone curious about food. Period. Dr. Michael Greger is recognized as the leader in the space of using plant-based foods to reverse and prevent disease. His work is some of the most important out there!

Watch : How we use NutritionFacts.org to keep ourselves well

Read: Dr. Greger’s Book How Not To Die



Richie doesn’t drink, he is our sobriety compass. Pat enjoys a craft brew. They both like to party. Insert WellBeing Brewing Co. the Non-Alcoholic Beer that invites everyone to the gathering. Previous NA’s beers sacrifice flavor and style, Wellbeing it the opposite.

Join: The party in St. Louis when The Wellness Ride comes to town

Meet: Meet Jeff & Genevieve of WellBeing!




Hugger Mugger was introduced in Richie’s life during the early days of his meditation practice. In order for us to form and maintain a practice, it needed to be accessible. Accessible for him that meant comfortable. Insert Hugger Mugger.

Watch : Richie come in and out of meditation.

Meet: The Hugger Mugger Kit



Mexico Is The Shit is a nice reminder that Mexico is, indeed, the shit. A place we visit for dream vacations, a country whose language we speak in ours, home of foods we purchase and order at restaurants. Richie will be riding across America wearing these socks to remind us all of that.

Watch : Richie sock up for the ride across America!

Meet: Artist Anuar Lyon